Trend Watch: Regional Upcycling

I noticed today while perusing Pinterest that just like southern fried chicken and sweet tea; every region has an Upcycling specialty as well.

Where the East Coast has a richer history with metals; steel, iron and copper pipes you will find Upcycles made with these items.

In the southern states where richly estates boasted of wooden shutters and stately doors, there you will find Upcycles made with those items. 

The Midwest, the heart of the nation, where cooking and baking is the heart of the home; you will see home based items; mason jars, coffee thermoses, cans and kitchen utensils as Upcycles.

The West Coast endless summers bring more of a natural aspect to Upcycling materials with the addition of beach glass and sea shells, the Northwest provides a woodsy, wooly upcycle to more organic materials.

I love this renaissance of "folk art" that is bringing communities together and enriching Art like never before. The Upcycle possibilities are endless. What will you find in your neighborhood region?

Photos courtesy of GiddyUpcycle on Pinterest.