The Original Upcycler: Scarlett Ohara

"As God as my witness I will never go hungry again" exclaimed the beautiful Scarlett O'hara in the movie Gone With the Wind.

It was the civil war, the South was burning, the Yankees were charging forward while the South lay in ruin and despair. Scarlett, a woman of many qualities, having to go into town to see her handsome Rhett refused to go looking ragged and torn; summoned Mammy to gather the velvet drapery (the only thing left in the house that had'nt been sold or stolen) to make her the finest dress the south has ever seen; and that she did.

From the book Scarlett Rules by Lisa Bertagnoli "when life gives you green curtains, make a green dress", Lisa goes on to write: Unleash your creativity! Explore the unfamiliar.

The Upcycled Word says: When you think you have nothing to work with; ask yourself "what would Scarlett do".

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