The Pants that became Hats

Where do all the broken pants go? They were once loved, cherished, and adored by men, women, children, mothers and friends alike. They were famous; they were the toast of dad's golf club tournament, the hit at every Aunt June's Summer BBQ bash. They were the talk of the town; the laugh at every party when they were just a little "high water".

They were your dad's plaid wool blend pants in colors of navy, brown and forest green, that 70's style vintage pant that made a boy a man and Steve Martin a wild and crazy guy.

These are the pants that have become hats.
While visiting Green Cube in Laguna Beach, CA. The Upcycled Word happened upon eecycled's owner Erika Eickman, Los Angeles based Thrifty Designer and former Rocker's Assistant to such stars as White Snake. Erika with the encouragement of her friends decided to pair her love of thrift shops, passion for recycling and rocker style to create eecycled:
ee·cy·cle [ee-sahy-kuhl] verb, -cled, -cling
to alter or adapt for new use without changing the essential form or nature of, recycle a la Erika
ie: The old clothing is being eecycled into hip, one-of-a-kind hats .
A brilliant fashion statement for the Eco Chic shopper as well as a style compliment to the environmentally conscious store Green Cube.

We tip our hat to Erika for mending those broken pants into hats and for styling them back into our hearts to wear all year round to the office, to the park, to the beach; and let's not forget dad's golf club championship tournament and Aunt June's 35th annual Summer BBQ bash.

eecycled hats come in a variety of styles and colors along with other upcycled wearables; all can be found online at Facebook , Web

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