Being Resource-Full

In any corporation big or small the foundation of good business is sourcing the materials for your products. As an Upcycler the source of ones products can be anywhere from a dumpster to the natural nature of mother earth.  Many Upcycler's began from an attic of treasures, thank you Grandma; however what do you do when your well runs dry and you realize your Grandma's vintage classic treasures will only make so much and your customers are demanding more.  This is when you realize you either move forward with your Upcycle concept or you retreat.

For many Upcyclers their sense of resource-full-ness is an adventure; they venture outside of the attic into the depths of the alley jungle, the corners of garbage and bin for just the right wood, lamp, crate. They wander the land for a gift from mother nature: that perfect smooth stone, the perfect tree branch, the ideal rock.

Every Upcycler should pair with a favorite source for materials to sustain their work of recycle art. Consider Carolyn from Sea Designs in Encinitas CA; she has paired with a musical group The Blue Moonies where she recycles the bands broken guitar strings into beautifully designed bracelets. 

Design Sea Guitar String Bracelets available on Etsy
In addition she will promote the group by adding a band sticker or music sample to her packaged product. That's what we call being very resource-full.  From source to sale; being resource-full is utilizing every opportunity to maximize the features and benefits for all; everyone wins.

Here at The Upcycled Word, where our mainstay is vintage train cases; it is key to have a vintage source for product outside of Grandma's attic and the thrift store. We have paired with Vintage Maven Lexi Cortes who has a collection of vintage to rival a hundred grandma attics.
When she is not traveling from her home to Colorado scouting every antique and vintage nook, or to the bazaars and markets of South America, Lexi Cortes is a fixture at the festival markets in California.  She also has a little annex shop in Laguna Beach, where by appointment or chance weekend sale you will find a trove of treasures beneath a pile of 80's sunglasses, vintage silk, a vass collection of costume jewelry, tins, music books, mid century items galore, lamps, chairs, wall decor. 

A resource for every state of mind: theatre props, upcyclers, artisans, buyers alike. You can also visit Lexi on Etsy.

In addition to pairing with a source to assist you in your treasure hunt, it's always good to know all of your source options. Here are places where you can find free treasures: Dumpster diving can produce incredible finds if you know where to look; check the back alley outside of local small business retail shops; this is a great source for old fixtures and marketing. Another great source is Craigs List Free section; many people will list items for free before carting them off to the Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Being resource-full adds more to the average upcycle; pairing with a source builds stronger communities, better partnerships, adds value, reduces waste and benefits all.

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