A Cowgirl Heart

Recently, while visiting friends in Greeley Co I had the opportunity to visit the Greeley Lawn & Garden Show.

There, amongst the home and garden extravaganzas of tree trimming maintenance, lawn care machinery and home safety alarms were also booths of adorable little pointed hat gnomes and blissful sounding wind chimes. Then as I turned the corner of winterized windows and patio furniture was, to my surprise, an Upcycling Artist.

Judy Johnson of A Cowgirl Heart was the only Upcycling Artisan at the show. Noteworthy to all Upcycle Artisans who generally fill spaces at Arts & Craft fairs might consider the Home & Garden circuit as another avenue for sales opportunities. 

Judy's beautiful arrangement of vintage jewelry. 

Home Decor shelving, wall hangings and photo holders.

I immediately began to admire this assortment of mismatched beauty, cleverly arranged brilliantly upcycled works of art.

In conversation with the owner Judy Johnson of A Cowgirl Heart based out of Colorado Springs; she explained Upcycling Art is a creative outlet for her as she is a full time business owner non-related to art; she said to explore and find tossed out objects and repurposing them into works of art keeps her sane.

I thought to myself; Art keeps us all sane in one way or the other whether we are the admirer or the artist.  Art is just good for the soul no matter what form it takes.

She modestly shared her upcycling abilities and explained she became an Upcycle Artist by accident while picking up some discarded furniture she found on the side of the road and began painting, repurposing the drawer knobs and then one work of art led her to another.  

Her exploration in Upcycled Art has even led her to junkyards; which she shared has more potential than any other source.  She doesn't claim to be an expert in one area of upcycling or the other; the joy to her is exploring for discarded items and fashioning them into a functional decor item for the home or a beautiful piece of jewelry. 

Needless to say her upcycle abilities are beyond impressive; they are inspirational.


A Cowgirl Heart owner Judy Johnson

For more information on A Cowgirl Heart events and where to shop for goods contact Judy on her Etsy site.


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