Location, location, location. Choosing the right vendor space.

Word Bird has a new nest. We're excited to have a new little shop location for The Upcycled Word.


Location is always key; we chose this space for several strategic reasons. This space is small but mighty, I'll explain why. 

Apply these considerations when you are seeking out your next space in a craft show, boutique or antique mall with several vendors to help maximize your traffic and shop ability. 

1. View: we chose this space because it's on a corner wall; viewed from three angles it's sure to be seen. (viewed from the left, right and middle) 
2. Location: This space is next to the restrooms, which by the way requires a key. Shoppers who are unaware a key is required must get it and come back thus the view opportunity is twice. 
3. Cost: having a wall space as opposed to a booth or floor space allows for less clutter and cost less than floor space. (Shelving was included, thankfully) 
4: Traffic flow: this space is on the main perimeter wall therefore it is in a high traffic lane, not in the middle section where shoppers may not travel or be distracted by several floor booth spaces with a variety of merchandise. 
5. Design: Window shoppers become buyers if they like the view. This space included a locked windowed case creating a perfect window display and creates a perception of  "treasure" behind a locked case. Creating a display that is "rich" gives the perception of high end, treasure, luxury and unique which is a selling point all it's own. 

No matter your booth section you can still create a high impact space that improves traffic and sales to your location: 

1. Stuck in the middle areasto improve traffic flow and visibility create signing that can be viewed from the end aisle. For instance angle your sign on a corner. If your sign is blended with other vendor signs, set the sign the next level higher above the other vendor signing. Pull your table slightly in from your neighbors table, this will pull shoppers into your section. 

2. Down a dark alley: if your booth is on the outskirts of traffic flow or in a hidden dark corner create a colorful space using any type of material to display around your merchandise or a colorful table cover, carefully coordinated prints and stripes are great for these areas. This will catch a shoppers eye from afar and invite them to take the extra steps to your section. 

3. Less is more. Small or sparce inventory in a big space can be a display nightmare and create the perception you're going out of business however sometimes less can be more. You can spread your inventory out in your space by categorizing it by sections, try not to fill in the empty spots with distracting decorative items, rather display it with a minimalist approach with one large decorative item (a vase of flowers, chalkboard sign) to balance the space. 

I hope these little tid bits maximize your sales at your next craft event or vendor location. Cheers to your next great upcycle location, space or booth and big sales!  

Shine on Upcyclers! 

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