Willowstone Antique Market Colorado Springs

Should you happen to find your way to Colorado Springs, Colorado there is a place, not just any ordinary place, an incredible place filled with fabulous finds and treasures.  Nestled in the Rockies near the majestic Garden of the Gods you will find one of the most fantastic Antique and Upcycled Markets. I have to say it is better than anything you will find in Colorado; even better than the famed Antique Broadway Street shops in Denver Colorado.  

Say hello to Willowstone Antique Market. I spent an entire Sunday afternoon here perusing the incredible vendor booths that are rich with antiques and artisan creations. Each booth has its own carefully positioned themed decor be it shabby chic, rustic, mid century modern, turn of the century, upcycled or for the men some true grit of metal, tools, old gas station signs, license plates, and military items. Whether you are a collector, designer or shopping for your home this is the place where you can find a treat for $3 or $300 or even $3000 for a truly exquisite antique. 

Pictured are some of my favorites, the two tiered table is fabulous! I went back for it a week later and of course it was sold; proving that you have to buy it when you see it when it comes to Antiques and Upcycled works.   

Thank you Willowstone Antique Market for a fabulous experience. 
Next up I will share some of my furniture upcycles, stay tuned. 

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