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Creative Recycler aka a not so great former waitress.

I tried being a waitress/server in a small locally owned family restaurant,

I was twenty-something and in between jobs thought I would “try” it. My experience was, to say the least, horrifying. My managers may have had a better opinion since I’m sure I wasn’t the first or probably the last highly uncoordinated first timer they’ve had to grinningly and patiently train.
Needless to say my initial shift began for breakfast which customers ordered from a menu of options. After numerous botched orders, wrong table deliveries, and small little complaints from the cook on my order entry and then change and then re-order, my manager thought it best I work the lunch crowd, “it’s a Buffet, might be an easier crowd” she said.
It wasn’t easier, it was busier with more requests for water, water with a lemon, no lemon, coffee plain, no cream, more cream, not enough salad dressing choices, not enough bread, more bread and there’s another table of six. After two weeks and one lunch afternoon where i…

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